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The Mission of “M/s. Nisha Trade International” is to provide excellent quality products that are delivered on time, at competitive pricing, supported by leading-edge technical advice and service. Our unique knowledge and commitment to working, serving….


Back in the year 1994, Md Noor Islam a man with visions founded a local trading company in Saidpur, Nilphamri named M/S Noor Islam. This marked the beginning of our organization which is built on the strong foundations of trust, service and long-term…..

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The two former business units, M/S Noor Islam and M/S Nisha Trade International play an active role in the trading purpose of the organization. Nisha Trade sells products to the local buyers across the country. The traded products have a good quality that ensures greater satisfaction and demands for the customers. The major trading products are:

  • Food grains & Commodities: Edible oil, Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Lentils, locally produced yellow maize etc. 
  • Construction materials: Cement, Rod, Bitumen 
  • Minerals & Fertilizer: Coal, Limestone, Dolomite, TSP, DAP, Urea etc.


M/S Nisha Trade International was the first business unit of the company that was solely dedicated to the import-export strategy of the organization. The company generally imports its products from India, China, Middle East & different parts of the world. Our imported products include food grains and commodities, raw materials of ceramic, construction materials, cycle parts and feed mill ingredients.


A crucial business unit of the organization, Salim Agro industries Ltd. plays an important role in the export purpose of the company. This business unit serves as a manufacturing house of jute products. The unit produces high quality, durable and exportable jute bags and yarn. The locally manufactured jute products are exported to India, Middle East and different countries of Africa.

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